God Speaks to Who?

The other night I plopped my butt into bed and watched John Stewart on the Daily Show.  I watched as a video of one of his media cohorts, or opponents, it depends how you look at television comedians, cropped up on-screen and starting discussing a new epiphany he has only recently received…though, perhaps he’s been obsessing about this one for a long time.  Apparently Glenn Beck, the ultra-conservative right wing pundnut has leaped over the edge of reality and decided that God is “speaking” to him.

Now you can see how much fun I’m going to have with this, don’t you?

It brings back memories from another decade when a televangelist named Oral Roberts was perched in his tower of solitude and God was telling him that his followers must send 8 million dollars, or some ludicrous amount, to his ministry or God was going to take his life.  Don’t you just love this stuff?  Suicide notes with an agenda.  Pray and pay for my life…or it’s all over…help me to help you…send $$$$$$$ NOW! 

This kind of stuff just writes itself, doesn’t it?

Well, Glenn (the extra “n” stands for nuts) is writing a new book with a plan…a plan from God.  God hasn’t revealed the plan yet but over time, Beck reports, he will be receiving from its godly author a revelation of action to help America to “refound” itself.  Yes, America has been lost and must be refound.  Beck will be one of the “refounding” fathers.  Anyone smell delusional in this?  Are we so swept up in ourselves that we have to remake the country in our own interpretive image…of course, only through the wisdom of the Creator…He is talking to Glenn, isn’t He, or is Glenn just joking?

Beck has gone so far for ratings as to call up a competitor’s wife and joke about her miscarriage.  See this link for his personal antics…  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenn_Beck#Influences

The sad truth of Beck is revealed by the lengths he will go to increase his annual salary of $23 million.  The man has more energy than the Energizer Bunny, but must he take it out of the pockets of struggling Americans through fear, conspiracy and God dialogues?

Glenn Beck is two years younger than I am…and many millions richer…but when a media personality starts spewing God talk I get very worried.  For me, it happened a long time ago in an American cult and we were told that we “would be God as God is God.”  I didn’t like it in my twenty-somethings, I don’t like it now, and I hate the formula that Beck is using…even if he thinks its humor.  Typical, everyday Americans are biting on this bait and there will be hell to pay, in a very real way, for all of Glenn Beck’s followers.

When someone starts calling himself chosen by God…run away…fast.  He’s gonna burn the virgins, crucify the country and laugh all the way to the bank.  That’s the sad truth…and God didn’t tell me that…figured it out all by myself.  The sad part of that is it took years to realize the cult I was a part of was more heretical than epiphanical.  Hope Beck figures it out.

If not…this might help.