MediaShun Gap

Stunningly enough…I just wanted to punctuate a few facts. Did you know that 85 percent of social media users are under the age of 30. Hmmm, I remember as a kid watching the Partridge Family on television and in the episode the statement was made, “Don’t trust anyone over the age of 30.”
Is our media creating a generation gap once more? It would seem so. If you don’t use WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Digg or a cell phone you just may be seeing yourself become extinct. At least in the world of communication and information.
When I first started writing there was the distinct realization that being web savvy was important for ever becoming published, but with the advent of these knew communicative tools…it’s REALLY important to stay on top of NEXT.

Just something to note…you don’t want to be media-shunned, do ya?

One Response to “MediaShun Gap”

  1. Baywolfe Says:

    Actually, yes, yes I do. And I’m a computer programmer. I refuse to have a Facebook account just to look at other people’s Facebook accounts. Get a Blog people!

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