Citizens are members of this planet…

The world we live in has changed.  We may find it difficult to blindly be patriots to our countries…we have become patriots to our planet.  The lines we have drawn with borders may have worked up until now, but they no longer seem to be working to a progressive intent.

The planet is running out of resources no matter how deep we drill.  My evidences of that are the oil burning in the Gulf of Mexico, the volcano in Iceland (or course, that’s a natural drilling) and the drilling for human blood in Afghanistan and Iraq (and other places not publicized by the news media). 

It is time to take stock in what we believe our planet, and human beings, need.  Does it really need the black lines that human beings have drawn, or does it need a revolution?

My friends we should be proud of the place that we were born…but how many of our planet’s citizenry are not?  We should know that there is a safety net for each of us as we strive for our calling, our success…our fulfillment.

For me, I was born in a northern town, moved to a big city, got educated…moved to a foreign city called Pasadena…got an education…then I moved back to a northern city…then moved back to the Los Angeles basin for a time…worked as an apprentice…then moved to a foreign northern city…worked hard as a carpenter, had a family, enjoyed the middle years of a person’s life…then went through a spiritual, personal crises…then moved again to a northern small city.

That’s when I started writing, and thinking, and realizing how much humankind still has to learn.

We still don’t have it right.  This country thing though…it has to be rectified.  Patriotism is the beginning of war…think about it.

One country goes to war and its citizens say, “It is my patriotic duty to serve my country.”

I call bullshit on this one!  Ask Ethan McCord as he went out and performed his patriotic duty.  Ask the soldiers that are returning from Iraq…”How did it go?”  The answers you receive might surprise you.  Check this out

War doesn’t work anymore.  Pride in who we are may be important to us as human entities…but must it be of a patriotic nature?

I personally, after being a “citizen of the planet” don’t believe that patriotism will help Mother Earth to survive long after we are gone.

4 Responses to “Citizens are members of this planet…”

  1. Baywolfe Says:

    Well, “running out of resources” is one of those hot-button issues that will get both sides jumping up and down and screaming.

    We’re not running out of Solar or Wind anytime soon, we’re just not taking full advantage of them because they haven’t found a good way to charge us for the privlege of using it. Nuclear is also still an option, but we know the fallout (no pun intended) of the road.

    It’s not even accurate to say we’re running out of fossil fuels. The Alaskan Pipeline suffered some leakages a few years ago due to the fact that it should have run out of Oil over 10 years ago. And, we haven’t even started to pull out the Natural Gas. In fact, they use the NG with water to further fracture the shale and pull out more Oil.

    Some old Oil wells have begun “mysteriously” filling back up with Oil. Nobody seems to have a good explination why. We forget that our planet has this liquid core and is brewing up all kinds of things it sends toward the surface.

    I would say our biggest concern, planetwide, right now is, drinkable water. Especially for larger and larger segments of our world living in areas without any.

  2. tony Says:

    Good posting Rand.

    I’ve thought for some time that the time exists in the future when we won’t need passports, when national boundaries will get either blurry or nonexistent. That idea certainly brings out the worse of the conspiracy fanatics, cries of new world order, etc.

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  4. sterling haynes Says:

    Great blog Rand. I agree completely. From now on I will save my patriotic thoughts for mother earth and peace. Maybe save some time for a few laughs.
    The Parisian poet Anais Nin said, “We write to taste life twice.”
    In Life #2…
    i write to taste
    life twice and
    have a second
    belly laugh
    along the way

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