Fallen Idle

Don’t you just love word play?  For me fallen idol would be the proper spelling of this common phrase.  That phrase means so many different things that each one can’t be listed in a single article.  “Fallen idle.” That kind of term brings something else to the table all together.  And this cartoon could have been created in millions of different ways, with numerous symbols.

Who’s got time to fiddle around with idle hands?  Don’t many of us wish it?  Well, a huge percentage of us are doing it…and the problem with that?  These fallen idlers think they’re failing somehow.

One in five of us are either clinically or mildly depressed?  That’s a great deal of down!  Perhaps it time for the spin doctors to go to work on creating a positive theme to the 1.4 billion who, in one way or another, aren’t considered to be living up to some sort of a pursuit of happiness?

Here’s a spinful thought.  This 1.4 billion have joined the Slow Movement.  These are the Neo-Luddites who have rebelled against the world and said…”It’s spinning out of control.  It’s time to slow down and just take care of the minutiae!  ME!”  This squad of undoers has lain down, taken a break and are, knowingly or not, rebelling from iPhones, iPads…mimicking their vertical flat-screen TVs, only horizontally, they’ve stretched themselves out…flattened their own existence and begun dreaming the dream of oblivion. 

Could this spin work?  Ultimately, in the long term… no.  However, for a short period of time, how many of us after falling idle might catch a hold of that great dream…the one cause…the reason for being by reaching toward the Nirvana of Nothingness…zeroing in on the Zen of our own zen-ophobic reasons for being?

I use to work my ass off in construction thinking that arbeit macht frei.  I got to that point after a liberal education at a conservative school.  I know…how’s that for an oxymoron?  I’d become disillusioned by the glitz of a God that was going to bring me some kind of personal gospel by walking as a carpenter for a while…y’know…just like Jesus.

I gained some skills became self-employed and toured the country putting up marvellously simple structures to make ends meet and raise some kids, have nice vehicles and get a membership at a local golf course to Zen out on the green…it was the American dream.  But something in that dream wasn’t fulfilling the entirety of my family’s existence and it had to end.

I use to travel for hours and would listen to Minnesota’s version of NPR…y’know National Public Radio.  It was informative, liberal, controversial…all the good stuff.  A gentleman was speaking from the Press Club in Washington DC and the topic didn’t really have anything to do with me but it was illuminating…and obviously memorable…because I can still write about it 15 years after the fact.  Now I don’t have to tell you about what that man said…unless I want to…or unless you really must know, but we’re talking about this to make a point.

The reason I can remember it was because it was a seed.  It was something to plant in my brain…just like the many seeds that have been planted in your brain.  How many of these seeds do we allow to take root?  How many of them are allowed to GROW!!  And become something that we can harvest at the correct ripened moment?  Maybe…it’s because we have never taken the time to let ourselves become one of the fallen idlers?  let the soil of your mind go fallow like a farmer’s field when it needs to correct its PH level…become nutrient rich once more.

Ahhh, to dream the impossible dream.

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