What if God was one of Us?

Would you want the job?

It’s been itching at the back of my mind for decades…would a being that is all-knowing, all powerful want any kind of worship stalking on the ethereal phone lines of the spiritual plane?  Is that the way to go about business when you have the realm of eternity at your disposal?  Isn’t this just an egomaniacal human trait that’s been foisted on a higher plane of being?

C’mon, why would any being of this kind of superior ability and eternity need a bunch of human peons to send him prayers, sacrifices, notices of forgiveness and/or exhortative pleas for anything?

Perhaps it’s in our own weakness that we need that higher power to bring meaning to our own physical existence?  I’ve wanted to draw this cartoon for a long time because it seems that many of us spend so much time on our knees that we forget how much we could be doing if we just stood up and walked around, bent over and picked up some litter, planted seeds in a garden or simply cleaned the house for a few more minutes every day.  How about start a blog that got people to think about other things then the tragedy that is celebrity television?  Who really needs to spend time thinking about how addicted Jon and Kate Gosselin are to being on camera when they should be focussed on enjoying eight beautiful children?

Okay, back to the topic at hand.  Is an almighty creator so voyeuristic that he needs to see us on our knees stalking him with meditative requests that clog the spiritual Internet?  I don’t think it was a mandatory reason; if one has decided to believe in the creationist theory, do you?

So, where should our time be spent…doesn’t matter…take Nike’s advice…Just Do It!

A final thought…would not a creator create creative beings?  So get off of the Farmville addiction on Facebook and start your own creative project as a social experiment that might reap some results that were completely unexpected.

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4 Responses to “What if God was one of Us?”

  1. Roger Says:

    Cheers to that…..kill reality TV! I believe it’s our responsibility to learn something new each and every day. Seth Godin & Hugh, motivational marketeers, challenge us to stay motivated – I agree it’s time to act out! Stay creative – great cartoon by the way!

  2. tony Says:

    My take, he’d better be a slob or he isn’t one of us

  3. Donna Ramon P. Says:

    Hey Rand, here’s a read you might find interesting/amusing…
    Spirtual Enlightenment: The damnest thing..
    by Jed McKenna

    p.s. I like your blog.

  4. Edna Says:

    I enjoy your writing, keep it up….

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