21st Century Casual Protected Sex

In 2000 I was divorced and had to do some self searching.  I was forced to go out and see if I still had a soul…but I also realized that sex was a very important part of my life after 13 years of marriage.  I enjoyed the art of sex, but now the constant that had been there for so long was gone.

I tried to alleviate my distaste for dating after a few horrible attempts at meeting young ladies at watering holes and golf courses by expanding my network through the beauty of webcamery…I thought it was a genius ideal that I could view a woman…talk to her…expose our inner, and use your imaginations if you must, selves and not worry about any kind of social/sexual repercussions.  I mean really, an STD is as bad as a WMD; it’s just that STDs actually exist when you sign up for the dating wars…at least so I’ve heard.

At any rate, it didn’t take long after hooking up with a few of my video contacts that I started noticing a trend.  When you speak to someone online through the power of the web…there might be a very real chance that you are video dating a computer geek.  Let’s remember I’m talking about the beginning of this new millennium…but have things changed?  Maybe.  You tell me.

For all of those lovely friend finders, harmonic matchmakers and anyone trying to make a living from the human race’s loneliness…I have to wonder about the ethics of these businesses.  Let’s think about this…love en masse…trying to create a more loving planet by matching people on a quantity basis and not a quality basis.  Ugh, it just sounds like a bigger meat market, doesn’t it?

The more in touch we seem to be electronically, the more out of touch we become with real human beings.  For me, after about a year and a half of this electronic search engine for electrifying love I just had to stop.  I remain single now but I have a sincere hope that with time I may find the happiness I need either in solitude or through the friends that often times carry the lonely hearts clubs and bands.  I guess listening to more of the vintage Beatles stuff wouldn’t hurt, right?  She loves you , yeah…yeah…yeah.

I’m enjoying chatting about the simple things in life on social network systems; like Facebook.  I’m having fun twittering while creating a somewhat humourous socially reflective blog with some (hopefully funny) cartoon cubes that allow people to enjoy a little light entertainment with some distinguishing vocabulary and a dialogue that lives in the now.

I thank all of those who have commented on some of my entries…don’t shy away from this one…puhleassee!  How does one have a win/win relationship in this new age of electronic, and hopefully electric, romance?

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One Response to “21st Century Casual Protected Sex”

  1. tony Says:

    Hard for me to comment on the establishing of a relationship through electronic means.

    I did go through what you did but in the middle of the 90s and ended up finding a great match and wonderful mate through a group dating agency.

    We both got flack from some friends saying that only desperate people go to dating agencies and I’ve heard the same arguments against on line dating.

    But, our world has changed, we don’t just live in small Norman Rockwell sort of communities. We work longer hours, and have less contact through older social mechanisms like church and small town socializing so new ways to meet people are well worth checking out.

    Good luck!

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