Sarah’s New Weapon of Choice…WMD…and someone’s going ballistic?

Don’t you just love this?  Quiet…peaceful…serene Sarah Palin trying to get a tan with no interruption…gently bathing by the stream and celebrating her complete embrace on femininity, grace and elegance.  Now, IF…IF…this was the real Sarah Palin…would she make an incredible President in 2012?  Let’s see if we can understand who Sarah Palin really is.  I thank for this lovely portrait.  Sarah Unveiled?

I was going to draw a caricature of Ms. Palin with a nuclear weapon tucked under her arm with the caption, “Sarah Palin discovers her new firearm of choice.”  I reconsidered after googling Photoshop Sarah Palin and found this gorgeous pose of a woman we really need to fear…she’s dangerous.

Can you imagine Ms. Palin being the leader of the free world?  Can you see her diplomatically discussing the future of Afghanistan with wisdom, kindness and gentleness?  Could Sarah Palin be the president that keeps to the Oval Office motto, “The Buck Stops Here?” Do you think President Karzai would even give her an audience?  I don’t know…just asking a few questions.

One pundit on CNN last week.  “Sarah Palin is the best weapon the democrats have in winning re-election for Barak Obama in 2012.”

Who is this firebrand of a feminine icon in America today?  A quick bio from 2008 is somewhat illuminating.  (Check it out at

John McCain couldn’t keep her on a leash.  Newt Gingrich spoke of being the party of yes in the Republican Convention being held in New Orleans and Ms. Palin does an about face saying she sees “nothing wrong with being the party of ‘NO!’”

I do not believe she even knows what will come out of her mouth next.  Loose Cannon?  Do you think?

Sarah Palin stands to make anywhere between 10 and 20 million dollars this year from her various book, television and speaking deals.  This is a very shrewd woman when it comes to making money for her family.  She knew that completing her final term as governor in Alaska would not be as lucrative as striking while the iron is hot and stumping America for all its worth.  So Sarah Palin is fiscally focussed when it comes to her own family’s income.  That is a fact.

However, during her run at the vice presidency her own party criticized her for being uneducated, a shopaholic, geographically challenged, along with other unattractive labels that will continue to crop up from her opponents and cohorts alike.  Ms. Palin is not a chameleon…anyone that can urge the Republicans on with statements like, “Don’t Retreat…RELOAD!” will surely set off a wave of verbal, if not physical, assaults in the not too distant future.  She is a forty-something, middle American with an agenda for success…That is Sarah Palin.

The questions that Americans are going to have to ask? 

What is Sarah Palin’s definition of success?  Victory at all costs is probably the correct answer…her own personal victory. 

Does she want to lead America into a fiscally responsible position where the interest accrued every three minutes on the national debt isn’t $18 million?  Does she simply want the media attention that sabre rattling creates…much like Ann Coulter…but with a lower level of intellectual banter?  Does Sarah Palin have an actual agenda?  No…she doesn’t.

Sarah Palin is the embodiment of the ultra mom hangover that continues to invade the 21st century.  She is Stepford wife2.0.  She is Annie Oakley with a WMD tucked over her shoulder.  You watch!  This cliché of Uber Matron is going to blow something up…besides her own delusional ego…and if her continued rhetoric of firearm fury doesn’t set off some home grown terrorist militia to take some sort of ridiculous action against an administration that is trying to clean up a mess that has been forty years in its development I would be very surprised.

One Response to “Sarah’s New Weapon of Choice…WMD…and someone’s going ballistic?”

  1. Mussolini Says:

    “Sarah Palin is the best weapon the democrats have in winning re-election for Barak Obama in 2012.”

    This is so true. As long as enough Americans wake up in time to realize what a threat she is to our own country.

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