Addiction Affliction

What with all of the media focus on addiction in the last couple of years…perhaps a public discussion about the difference between being driven and being afflicted with addiction disorders is in order…what d’ya think?

Personally I’ve had enough fun in my life evolving, or perhaps revolving, my addictions from religious zeal, whiskey, women and sport to somehow moderating my lifestyle to an appreciation of all things human in a less compulsive manner by compartmentalizing the parts of life I require as needs and realizing the difference of those things I should properly comprehend as greeds.

We are all, in one way or another, living breathing addicts…mais oui?  I’m addicted to air…just gotta have it.  Food, shelter and clothing are some more favourite addictions of mine…et tu?  Not really.  These are needs that the human animal has to have to survive in a world that is physical above all else.  Logic established…n’est pas?  And so…less is more…let’s move on.

My cartoon cube today is looking at the heart of some of the meditation which human beings…some to excess…and therefore addictive in nature perform on a daily basis.  You know of folks you can’t stand to watch on television.  The profit-centric evangelists with mega congregations, the left-wing, and right wing, nuts who have only one vision of success, and excess, in their daily rants against, or for individuals in power are some of the people we can’t stand to hear even a single word uttered by.

So what is a body suppose to do?

Learn, educate yourself and don’t be afraid to ask a few questions because from the view points of established scientists and world-renowned thinkers the planet is at a cusp, a tipping point, where things have to continue getting better or plummet into a downward spiral where only the wealthy few realize some sort of contentment during the final days of the human species.  For confirmation of that statement go see my TED link( and watch a few of the short 10-20 minute presentations given by the likes of Stephen Hawking, Richard Wright, Burt Rutan and the list goes on and on like a Celine Dion song.

2 Responses to “Addiction Affliction”

  1. tony Says:

    Great posting. I’m amazed that some people take her serious. We had friends visiting who raved about what a breath of fresh air Palin is. Having her as president would be disastrous.

  2. evolvingworld Says:

    Nice piece!
    I think we all find different ways to self-medicate throughout one’s lifecycle. Whether it’s to celebrate our successes or nurse our mental wounds my belief is that family friends and relationships assist in our growth or destruction. Waking up to the reality of how the aforementioned relationships impact our daily lives is critical to winning the war against ‘addiction affliction’. Cheers to asking questions….engage & participate! Good job on the cartoon…

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