Happy Easter…and don’t throw baby Jesus out with the bath water.

Okay, I know some of you will find that irreverent.  Deal with it…it’s my own version of a new idea called a “cube grenade.”  A cube grenade is an idea that a cartoon creator/social media/industry commentator by the name of Hugh MacLeod is advertising to create cartoon cubes that companies can hang on their office walls to replace advertising pitch ads with these cube grenades that create buzz.  Check it out at http://gapingvoid.com/cg/ or google it at cube grenades.

Here’s my first one.

 What with all of the media hullabaloo regarding the Catholics’ issues with pedaphile priests and the Scientologists’ history of violence during the recent decade a theme seems to be arising that’s been there all along.  A solution was offered a couple thousand years ago by a theologian known to most of the planet but maybe my cube can act as repetition with a dash of frivolous enlightenment.

The theologian who shall remain nameless, for now, told his audience to “become as little children.”  My personal spiritual affiliations went away a long time ago…about 1995.  After 30 years of dealing with organizational rules I decided it was better to deal with people on a one-to-one basis…or one to ten… you get my drift.  Of course, by doing a blog my ratios go way up, don’t they? 

Isn’t that throwing Jesus’ principle (theologian is now named) of being like little children right out the freakin’ window?  With or without the bath water.  

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