Book Review of Removing the Hutterite Kerchief

I love to read so every now and then you will be receiving a few book reviews from me.  As you don’t know me yet, and I might not know you either…I hope it will be a tool to allow us to get to know each other.

I grew up in a worldwide sect of sabbatarians that I no longer have any religious ties to other than a sharing of opinions for life lessons, changing dynamics in the world, etc.  Evolution of mankind, christian-kind, muslim-kind and all kinds will have to learn to get along and move along…or what’s the point, right?  Enough said.

Now, with that and book reviews in mind…a family friend who spent decades in the Worldwide Church of God has written a memoire called Removing the Hutterite Kerchief.  That’s right, she grew up in the communal lifestyle of a Hutterite colony and through the course of her lifetime at the age of 33, she and her family, was forced off the colony through a myriad of events that becomes quite compelling when one reads her true life story.  From her very unique and traditional life on a Hutterite colony she joined another very unique experiment lead by a man named Herbert W. Armstrong who shortly upon his own demise in 1986 found his own unique brand of faith splinter and fall apart by the mid-1990s. 

 But that’s another story…you can google that on your time…or read my ebook available on line for no cost called The Godfollowers.  Link to The Godfollowers here…

I read Rebecca Hofer’s memoire called Removing the Hutterite Kerchief last night and was completely enthralled by the simplicity of the Hutterite life, but the complications that can arise in a closed community from poor leadership involving one family (extended tho it may have been) pitting itself against others through physical violence and actual starvation techniques.  It intrigued me because Rebecca seems to say she never wanted to leave the comfort of the community, but was forced to because of the simple lack of cooperation in community that thrives on this simple lesson from a kid’s show like Sesame Street.

The incredible portion of this story is that the Hutterites have thrived in northern communities, and do thrive, and this story is no slander against this unique way of life and faith.  Thank you, Rebecca for writing your story…a valuable life lesson.

2 Responses to “Book Review of Removing the Hutterite Kerchief”

  1. albertagreekgirl Says:

    Congrats on the new blog Rand…it’s definitely the way of the future. Whenever I see the Hutterites I’m always amazed at how happy they seem to be…something about their lifestyle revolving around the simple but necessary tasks of growing/raising their own food, and being part of a community is very enviable. We all long to be connected and be a part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s hard to be an island. I haven’t read the book yet but I intend to. I wonder if any of the younger Hutterites ever long to go back to the colony life?

    • randillusion Says:

      That is a good question…I have heard of some going back to the colony…but as far as true facts…unknown to moi. Thanks for your comment…you are the first of many to come. At least that would be a sign of reaching out and networking…making difference…lol.

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